Regulations of the Academy Club

1. General regulations:

1.1. Name of the association: Academy Club (further on: Club)
1.2. Site of the Club: H-1051 Budapest, Széchenyi Square 9.
1.3. The Club is an association functioning on the basis of self government. The club is a corporation.

2. Aims and assignments of the Club

Aim of the Club is, to ensure a site of individual surrounding functioning like a club and offering high level service for the managers of the scientific and economic life of the inland, where they can meet each other and with their guests, supporting also that way the dialog and the productive cooperation between science, culture and economy as well, as the civilized passing of spare time of the members.
To achieve this aim, the Club organizes and helps the systematic, exclusive and private meetings of this circle of people.

3. Membership of the Club

3.1. Members of the Club:

  • Founders and in addition
  • The member of the public body of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (further Academy) (normal members, correspondents as well, as external members of the Academy, in addition the registered members of the public body with scientific degree), just as
  • Hungarian members of one of the European International Academies and
  • public functionaries with executive assignment of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, who accept the regulation of the Club, give expression to their intention to enter by signing the application for membership and pay the due,
  • Club members can be those members of the public body too, whom the Club management offers the Club membership, provided that they accept the membership by signing the application for membership as well, as they accept the Club-regulation and pay the due.

The Club management decides regarding the acceptance of the people, who are not members of the public body.

After the expiration of the assignment of the public functionaries they can apply at the Club management for the preservation of the membership.

A corporation can be only supporting member of the Club. The persons assigned by the corporation with supporting membership can visit the Club and take part on the events of the Club.

3.4. Rights of the members:

3.4.4. The members can make use of the possibilities and services ensured by the Club.

3.5. Obligations of the members:

3.5.2. The payment of the due,

3.5.3. In case of a supporting member the payment of the supporting due,

3.5.4. Compliance with the regulation and the police of the Club.

4. The organization of the Club

The modified regulation with unified construction of the Academy Club was accepted by the resolution coming to decision by majority in course of the general meeting held on the 16th December 2002.
Budapest, 16th December, 2002.
Szilveszter E Vizy
(President of the Academy Club)

Information related to the club membership: Dr. Péter Zilahy head of department

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