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Gala Dinner Venues in Budapest, Hungary

Gala Dinner Venues in Budapest, Hungary in the gorgeous building of the Hungarian Academy of Scinces. Beautiful panorama, amazing halls and heavenly dishes for your event!

Gala Dinner Venues in Budapest, Hungary

Gala Dinner Venue in Budapest at Hungarian Academy of Sciences!


A gala dinner is the most exquisite form of reception that could not be held at a more elegant venue than the wonderful halls of the  Hungarian Academy of Sciences., which is one of Budapest’s most beautiful and elite buildings with a stunning view, great traditions, past and prestige.  If you have visited the building of the Academy, you have seen the Kodály Hall, the Vörösmarty Hall, or the Corner Room, and you will also know that these are of magical atmosphere with radiant majesty and dignity, beautiful and recently refurbished halls to receive your guests in. You can enjoy a stunning view  of Budapest, the Chain Bridge, the Buda Castle, the Fishermen’s Bastion and of course to the Danube from our banquet rooms. The rooms of the Academy are also a great venue as they are located in the heart of the city centre with great parking. The Academy is easy to access by car as well as by public transport, and there are several hotel and accommodation possibilities as well. 


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Why a Gala Dinner or a Banquet is the best way to amaze your guests in Budapest?


A gala dinner or banquet is a seated and formal way of reception. The staff, the way of serving as well as the decoration is elegant and the food is extraordinary. If the Academy’s Club Restaurant organises the gala dinner it will be the highlight of the event. 


Gala Dinner, Banquet – Service at a High Level in Budapest, Hungary


The Academy’s Club Restaurant and its team has acquired a great amount of experience in the organisation and serving of gala dinners and banquets in the last 10 years. They have been providing the venue for and serving gala dinners and banquets for government ministries, foreign delegations and science conferences. We are partners of travel agencies that deal with foreign business as well as private group events. You don’t have to do anything but enjoy the moments of the event. We follow through the whole of the event, which is a great burden taken off of your shoulders.  


Our Most Recommended Venues for Gala Dinners and Banquets:  


·         Kodály Hall,

·         Vörösmarty Hall,

·         Corner Room 


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