Code of Conduct of the Academy Club




The Code of Conduct of the Academy Club was laid down by the management of the Academy Club Association as follows:

1.) The Club is exclusive, it can be visited only by the members and the supporting members (further together members of the Club) of the Academy Club as well, as the invited guests by the members of the Club – with the exclusion of children under the age of 14 years.

2.) To enter the Club it is necessary to produce a valid club card.

3.) The member of the club is entitled to bring 8 guests at most as individual guests. In case of a higher number of guests the hospitality counts as a programme. The transaction and the system of setting of this programme must be conciliated directly with the director of the Restaurant.

4.) The guests can enter the Club and stay in the Club only in attendance of a member of the Club.

5.) The Restaurant is open on weekdays between 12:00–23:00 hours, while the opening hours of the Club fall between 11:30-23:00 hours. The Club and the Restaurant is closed during the summer – as a rule between the 20th July and the 20th August. (In case of a previously announced event the time of the opening hours can be extended. Programmes can be held after preliminary reconciliation also on weekends.) Table reservation is possible in a limited number after preliminary reconciliation, otherwise according to the sequence of arrival.

6.) In course of the opening hours a continuous possibility of meals and beverages consummation according to the hour of the day, respectively gazettes and periodicals are available for the guests.

7.) The Club can be visited only by the members and the guests honouring each other in civil garment suitable to the occasion (men in suit with necktie), who comply with the regulations of the police and the general, accepted rules of social behaviour.

8.) Taking photos, recording videos and sound recordings are prohibited in behalf of the undisturbed Club life.

9.) The payment of the equivalent of the used services takes place occasionally in cash or after an agreement with the member of the Club by credit card, respectively by other cash protecting methods. The personal of the Club cannot ask the guest respectively accept the settlement of the bill from the guest.

10.) The member of the Club can be forewarned to keep in with the regulation of the police. In case of repeated, or serious contravention of the police, the management of the Club can forbid the visiting of the Club for a given time for the member of the Club, respectively the membership can be dissolved in accordance with the constitution of the association.

Budapest, May 2001.
Management of the Academy Club Fellowship

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