Academy Club Reference

”I would briefly like to express our very special thanks for all you have done to enhance the success of our program. As the organiser of several corporate and partner events in the past few years, I am glad to state that in terms of proficiency and a helpful and kind attitude, your performance was of the highest level by far I have ever experienced. Our guests were fascinated by the venue, the menu, and the service. I do not need to detail how much it meant to all of us.
All in all, everything was perfect and I will do anything in my power to experience the success of last Thursday next year again.”


CARDIF Hungary



”We have to express our special gratitude for the extraordinary helpfulness of Zsuzsanna Szabó and Adrienn Tóth. Whenever and wherever we needed their support, they were present to assist us. We have to express our due thanks for the incomparable flexibility Mr. Krisztián Kovács and his team showed when they had to move and rearrange the whole catering set from the foyer in front of the big hall of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to the banqueting hall of the Academy Club in an hour’s time. Even so, the setting of the banqueting hall of the Academy Club proved to be more than perfect from the points of view of design and convenience alike. The VIP meal was also managed in a flexible way: within the given period of time the devoted members of the service team provided first-class service of dishes of the highest quality. Let me repeat my thanks to you and your colleagues for your excellent attitude and performance.”


Event Plus Services Ltd.



”All I want to inform you about is that according to all my colleagues, the best dinner was the one we had at the Academy. The service was perfect (which was definitely no surprise for me, as I personally had known that your service team was the best in town), your crew enchanted my staff, we could taste great wines and first-class dishes. The endive salad is my personal favourite!”


Hungarian Tourism Ltd.



”Thank you very much for your wonderful help. Both the local guests and the foreign visitors were overcontented with what you provided for us. The soup and the hors-d’oeuvre were like magnificent pieces of poetry. We owe you special thanks with distinction for setting up a refined menu that was much appreciated even by our French guests proud of their world-famous cuisine. Both the sophisticated serving and the polite service met the highest standards.
Two gentlemen of highest international society circles were also present at the party. They expressed the same opinion. Thank you again so much, please give my kindest regards to the whole team.”


Széchenyi Academy of Literature and Arts



”Please, let me express our gratitude and appreciation for your excellent performance in the different phases of the complex planning and organization processes in connection with our symposium. The provision and professional care you and your team exerted both in planning and realizing the actual event meant a great help to us, and I am glad to forward you the appreciation of both our guests and our colleagues present at the successful meeting. We received excellent service living up to the high standard and elegant atmosphere characterizing the majestic building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences: both the dishes and the beverages were of as extraordinary quality as the service. Let me express my special thanks for the flexibility you handled the shift in the program as a consequence of a speaker’s being late.

Our choice of the Academy Club proved to be the right one. We will recommend you to our business partners in the firm belief that you deserve all our confidence.”





”Dear Gábor,
Let me congratulate you and your team. Adrienn Tóth’s attitude, her flexibility, kindness, and professional merits ensured immediate solution of every difficulty and redressed all possible unforeseen issues arising during the whole period of our cooperation.
There are lots of interesting locations, exciting menus, kind service in this city, but the extra value added: the professionalism and charm that I experienced of the Academy Club event team members during both occasions of our cooperation are sure to be unique. As I have had a lot of experience concerning events, my opinion should be considered well-founded.
Though I was your guest, your client, I must say: thank you for the opportunity you ensured me to cooperate with you.”


Café PR



”I would like to express my gratitude, especially in connection with the organization, for there were quite a lot of issues to be previously discussed down to the smallest details so that the outcome be supercool as it was. Your and the whole team’s attitude was incredibly flexible and helpful to sort out all the suddenly emerging problems (all of them caused by us), troublesome circumstances. I must put special emphasis on the extraordinary high quality of dishes and beverages, as well as the polished style of the servers. The decoration at the reception was also of unbelievably high quality. The whole conference was a real success, both technically and in terms of provision. (For me it was an instructively useful lesson that) I had to realize that our event at your venue was much more professional regarding both content and appearance than the one held elsewhere.
We will try to find ways to be able to enjoy your excellent services next time as well, since there is no other venue of this level of a conference or reception at this rate in Hungary.

When me and my family will be longing for exquisite delicacies, I will surely take them to have dinner at your place.
Thank you very much, indeed!”


Directorate of Research Institute for Linguistics
Hungarian Academy of Sciences



”Everybody had a great time at the gala dinner. The ambience was pleasant, the dishes were excellent, the service was almost unnoticeably smooth.
We were absolutely content with the way we could communicate with your event organizer who did an excellent job to make our party a real success.”


Foundation for the Development of Hungarian Management and Organization Culture
Gala Dinner of the 13th National Case Study Competition



”I do suggest anyone choosing the Academy Club as an event venue. Each foreign guest of ours was totally contented. They could not take their eyes off the beauty and elegance of architecture and the site, or have enough of the excellent dishes and beverages.
Thank you very-very much!!!”


Schindler Management Ltd.



”During the event I bumped into our vice-president. He had also taken part in the dinner and gave me the following feedback: excellent dishes, the service staff members are fluent in English (which is a rare treasure), the venue is amazing.”


Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency



”I would like to express our gratitude on behalf of the team of experts on education worldwide at the Ministry of Human Capacities for organizing our event. The first-class, quality dishes, your expertise, and cordial service of the meal contributed to the success of our professional meeting.”


Department of International Affairs in Education
Ministry of Human Capacities



”Let me express our heartfelt thanks for your high quality contribution provided concerning the preparation and serving of the meal at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences during the Hungarian-Italian Prosecutors General’s meeting. The event was successful and fruitful, we got positive feedback from the guests. This is to share their praise with you and your team.”


Department of International and European Matters
Prosecution Service of Hungary



”We would like to say once more thank you for your professional assistance and excellent service during the conference. We have received piles of enthusiastic letters speaking in glowing terms about the magnificent surroundings as well as the excellent food and beverages offered.”


Hungarian Credit Management Association



”Thank you very much for the extraordinary service you provided during the EUCARPIA congress. Both the surroundings and the menu fascinated the guests.”


Agricultural Institute, Centre for Agricultural Research
Hungarian Academy of Sciences



”Let me express our gratitude for your dedication and decently corteous implementation of the service. Congratulations to the chef and the whole team. We are enchanted by your high-class professional hospitality.”





”This is to express our gratitude to Zsuzsa and her team for their professionalism, tactful kindness and helpful attitude. The venue, the dishes, and the service were all excellent. Thank you!”


Hungarian Competition Authority



”The meal of extraordinary quality we had the chance to have at your restaurant and the brilliant service you provided last Friday cry out for recognition. Please, share our appreciation with your colleagues. The delicious meal was a worthy sequel to the whole-day visit to the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and their Art Collection.”


Hungarian-American Commission for Education Exchange



”My compliments! You are keeping your word in every respect. Besides, the quality of the lunch was very good and much appreciated by our guests. I much hope that this high quality of food and presentation of the menu will remain as we experienced today. Also, Krisztián and his team provided kind and professional service.”


Smiling Hospital Foundation



”Perfect it was! In every way! The food was delicious, the service very friendly, the piano was a kind additional support. In brief, you organized everything according to what we discussed, but in a most efficient, professional and kind manner. Many thanks!”


Smiling Hospital Foundation



”Let me express our most sincere appreciation for your assistance with our conference of last week. The delegates were unanimously amazed by the smooth service of each and every meal. Whoever commented on the dishes and the setting admired your exceptional performance.”


Plant Protection Institute
Hungarian Academy of Sciences



”I have been organizing the Károly Simonyi Scientific Memorial Sessions for 6 years at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. To follow the professional program of the day, we usually order buffet lunch with you. We have always been served eminently. In the future, the sessions will be arranged biennially (in each year of odd number). Thank you very much for your valuable assistance. I would like to rely on your cooperation in the future as well.”


Károly Simonyi Scientific Memorial Session



”Zsuzsa Szabó event organizer has proved to be an excellent partner both in creating and maintaining business relations. During the preparations she provided precise and detailed information. The reception itself was perfect. The attitude and expertise of Zsuzsa Szabó and the crew were fascinating, the quality of Cabernet wine of Villány also first class. I have got a lot of positive feedback reacting to the reception. Several guests had such a good time that they stayed much longer than expected. Doing their job as usual, the staff demonstrated polite patience and generous kindness. All in all, I would like to offer my grateful acknowledgement to your well-prepared, good ensemble joining forces for our success. Thanks to each member of the team for the outstanding performance.”


Reception following an inaugural speech of a new member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences



”In connection with the organization of the gala dinner and the arrangement of the event we have to express our perfect contentment concerning the conduct and attitude fo the Academy Club. Our guests had a great time, and we would like to repeat our heartfelt thanks for the success of the gala dinner to the team of the Academy Club.”


Ministry of Rural Development



”This is to express our appreciation of your helping hand and support with the preparations to and the execution of the breakfast press conference and the ceremonial signing event. We are also grateful for the outstanding performance of your staff and the first class catering service on the site.”


Ministry for National Economy
State Secretariat for Parliamentary and Economic Strategy



”On behalf of my Foundation and all our cooperating partners, I would like to express our cordial thanks for the excellent dinner and the outstanding service. We all had a wonderful time, enjoyed ourselves at the place and appreciated your professional welcome.”


European Cultural Foundation



”Let us express our sincere gratitude for the generous assistance you provided in all respect at our successful conference of yesterday.
According to the feedback we got, each and every delegate was satisfied with both the arrangement and the service of the event.
Besides the conference itself, that you contributed a lot to, the quality of the dishes, and the extraordinary and exclusive combination of the menu also delighted all, what is more, they provided a unique experience for many of the participants.”


Türr István Training and Research Institute



”Our guests enjoyed themselves very much, so we are very grateful to you for your assistance that guaranteed the smooth realization of our event program. Your hospitality was impressive and of the highest level of expertise in every respect.”


Wigner Research Centre for Physics
Hungarian Academy of Sciences



”Please, accept our gratitude for the pleasant hospitality we experienced at the gala dinner organized by the Hungarian Judo Association on the occasion of the European Judo Championship. With your professional help we could receive our guests at a prestigious venue with excellent facilities, exquisite dishes and beverages. Your contribution had a significant role in the success of the sport event.

We highly appreciated your unlimited flexibility as well, and we hope to have a chance to cooperate with you in the future again.”


Hungarian Judo Association



”The event was really perfect and special! Music, Decoration, Service, everything was so well prepared and professionally organized.
Many thanks, especially to you and Zsuzsa and your great team!”





”Thank you very much for the service that you might have broken the world record with. Everything happened impeccably, the way we had imagined. Please, give our appreciation to Krisztián and the other event team colleagues, too.
I personally am grateful for your professional expertise and for the flexibility you demonstrated whenever we changed our minds even in the very last moments.”


European Institute of Innovation and Technology



”On behalf of Rail Cargo Hungaria, we owe you the utmost expression of our gratitude for the high-level, considerate and attentive service you provided to contribute to the success of our company’s memorable day, especially the gala dinner.
All our business partners and the staff gave favourable accounts of the event. We hope that we will have further opportunities for cooperation in the future.”


Rail Cargo Hungaria Ltd.



”We were satisfied with everything: the setting, the catering, the organization of the event, the work, and especially the flexibility of the contact person, the technical and technological service… Thank you for a high-standard, memorable event realized with your cooperation. Both our guests and ourselves had a great time. Both the Kodály Hall and the Club Corridor proved to be worthy venues for an event of utmost importance for us.”


Boehringer Ingelheim



”Thank you for the professional attitude you demonstrated during the special night. Our guests were perfectly content with the arrangement, and my colleagues also gave positive feedback.”





In the first half of the year 2011, as a result of the procurement process managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, our Company, Gasztronómia Klub Étterem Kft., the operator of Academy Club, became the official catering service provider of the then Hungarian Presidency of the European Union.
During that 6-month period, as an official contracted partner, we had the opportunity to participate in the preparation and execution of events at 4 sites:


the Headquarters of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
the National Gallery,
the Museum of Fine Arts,
the Royal Castle of Gödöllő.


At these special locations we took part in the organization of almost 80 presidential events, providing catering service for almost 17,000 participants. This way we could contribute to the introduction of Hungarian gastronomy and enhance its reputation.

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